David Joseph Klatzow is currently an Investigator for a Pretoria Forensic practice. In addition, he lecturers at Wits University, is a Medical Scientist researcher, and a forensic investigator for the Independent newspaper. Dr Klatzow also investigates fires in buildings and mechanical equipment
One of the very few forensic investigators in South Africa, Dr Klatzow's academic qualification and his experience of more than twenty-eight years are evident in his numerous appearances as a witness in many cases, and as an advisor to both plaintiffs and defendants. These were used to good effect in investigating some high profile cases such as: the Helderberg crash, Guguletu 7, Ashley Kriel, the Piet Retief massacre and the murder of Brett Kebble.
In 1984, Dr Klatzow established the first private forensic laboratory in South Africa and was involved in many of the major political cases of the day.  Inter alia, Dr Klatzow was intimately involved with Legal Resources Centre in their numerous attempts to curb the overzealous activities of police and security police in the mid to late 80's. 

Presently, Dr Klatzow is involved in a wide range of forensic activities extending over the full scope and extent of forensic science. He presently resides in Cape Town and operates a forensic practice.