Sean Brokensha has worked in radio, television and live entertainment since the mid 80’s, notably presenting shows about music, and how it relates to our everyday lives and issues, on a variety of stations, including Talk Radio 702, Cape Talk, SAFM, MNet Mzani, DSTV East Africa and ETV. However, he’s best known for the regular `Musicguru’ feature on Talk Radio 702 since 1999.

Sean is also a music consultant to the film and advertising industry, and has advised the music choices for the international production of ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’, next year’s postage stamps and several documentaries and commercials. He also pens liner notes, album and concert reviews, and has written, directed and produced TV programmes since the late 80’s.

Most importantly Sean is a storyteller, with an eye for the unusual and a thirst for deeper meaning.

He can be followed on the following Facebook page: Sean Brokensha The Music Guru, and on twitter @musicgurusean